Woensdag 29 juli 2009

Another small update with recent things, since I'm still behind on updating this.

Kiki ring-tailed lemur cartoon model sheet
I've made this little reference sheet for friends who like to draw my character. However, I like people to just look at ring-tailed lemurs and be creative, rather than copying a model sheet. But at least it gives a nice view on the way I draw her now, compared to a few years ago.

Thistle boar piglet cartoon copic markers
Here's a little drawing for Louve, who drew me THIS! Isn't it lovely?

Ice Age Scrat sketches
I also saw Ice Age 3 last night, and even though the story does not make much sense, it's stuffed with corny gags and I had some good laughs out of it. I tried to scribble Scrat out of memory right afterwards.