Donderdag 17 september 2009

Some sketches I did this week:
Cartoon drawing jackal rabbit husky koala European badger fox pine marten lion raccoon dog cardinal bird bear puppy dalmatian cougar cat African wild painted dog

Cartoon drawing red panda rabbit bald eagle kangaroo bunny engineer dog cheetah racoon skunk collie

Cartoon bald eagle exploding cigar

The red panda sketch was done for Trish Forstner. She liked it enough to ink and color it:

Cartoon red panda sketch

Cartoon red panda Trish Forstner
It looks all spiffy now! Make sure you check out her artwork here!


Woensdag 16 september 2009

Here's something I've made last night for a very talented friend of her purple goat Sophie:

Cartoon goat sketch

Cartoon goat copic markers

Cartoon goat copic markers

Cartoon goat copic markers

Cartoon goat badge
And here are two other badges in the same style. They're all copic markers and indian ink on bristol.
Cartoon drawing quagga zebra coyote copic markers