Zondag 14 november 2010

Animal sketches from last night

Commissioned badge

3D Kiki?? (the ink version has some errors but it sort of works)


Maandag 25 oktober 2010

Some commissioned birds. There's more to come!

Secretary bird (Sagittarius serpentarius)

California Condor (Gymnogyps californianus)

And a quick OC sketch drawn for Greevixor, while she was sketching my character for me.
MAKE SURE you check out her gallery, she is only 13 years old and her sketches already look better than many professionals' work.


Zaterdag 16 oktober 2010

Assorted drawings (and some other things)

Random things:

Commissioned work:

Gifts for friends:

(see Titash' work here!)

Stuff I'm selling:

Bottom shirt is NOT done by me, but by Jill.

To purchase shirts/hoodies, go here or here.
For the embroidered patches, click here.


Vrijdag 15 oktober, 2010

Well, it's about time for an update, no?

I have many things to post, but I'll start with two interesting (collaborated) costume projects I did since I last posted here.

For this one (the dog, the badger was fully made by a friend), I can't take too much credit since most of the work was done by Karpour. Most of the work I did was on the head, like making the ears, tongue, and doing some fur trimming. It's funny how this costume came out to look like a mix between our drawing styles.

The other costume was definitely a lot more work, and Disney-fans might regocnise the character, since this basically is an over-the-top piece of fanart.

This one is a full collaboration between me and Karpour. We worked on everything together but basically I did most work on the hands and head, while he did the body, feet, and tail.
(The grey coyote on the right on this photo is an original character, the costume was built by Jill)
In case you don't recognise the character, here's some more info. We mostly based this on his first appearance, in The Legend of Coyote Rock, from 1945.


Dinsdag 6 april 2010

Just a standard pose duck sketched and inked on ustream, in three colored versions because I could not decide.

And here's something fun that I did not draw, it's my lemur 'character' Kiki drawn by 100 different people. I have more of these but I put 100 together to show the diversity, I love how everyone has his/her own way of picturing things!

Several of these were quick sketches done at conventions, most were trades/gifts and a few were commissions. I'll post a list with (nick)names of who drew what in the comments.


Vrijdag 2 april 2010

Drawings made for a French friend: