Vrijdag 12 september 2008

Some very quick sketches of the 'fourth caballero', for the movie 'Cuban Carnival' that never came to be. The character is fun to draw so I might try to make some better sketches of him.

My favorite car! Right after the Belchfire Runabout, that is.

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Hans van Oudenaarden zei

Hey Henrieke!

What a great talent you are! I am very much intrigued by your obvious preference for fourties/fifties animation styles! Wonderfull stuff! Now tell me the truth, what is your real age!!!? You can't be the 18 year old you claim to be! You're in fact a 79 year old, retired Disney animator living in Orlando, right?

HenriekeG zei

Oh, you caught me there! Actually, I- ..No, I mean, no! I'm really 18! I swear! Don't let my looks fool you!
(En even tussen twee haakjes- je mag hier gewoon Nederlands praten, hoor. En bedankt voor het compliment! Zeer vereerd!)