Dinsdag 24 februari 2009

This week I tried out sculpting with super sculpey:

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Joakim Gunnarsson zei

Wow! Nice!!!

Vince M zei

This is amazing! Great likeness and attention to detail. I really like how well thought-out and constructed it is, with Donald's hat helping to keep it upright. I rarely see a Donald sculpt where he doesn't look cross-eyed. Especially early in the approval process. Looks like it jumped off of a Carl Barks or Daan Jiipes page.

Tom zei

Hey, great looking statue!
Would you mind elaborating on how you did it? How big is it? does it have a skeleton? what paint did you use?

(I'm having trouble with knowing what materials to use in my own sculpting, so that's why i ask)

HenriekeG zei

Hey Tom,
I took plenty of WIP-shots, send me a mail and I'll send them to you. I should measure the sculpture but it's about as big as my hand.
This was my first and only attempt at using sculpy clay though, so I only experimented as I was going. If you need tips on what materials to use I guess it's best to ask an experienced sculptor. I used materials I found at home (acrylic paint, aluminum foil, some electric wire), and got the clay from a foreign friend since it's not available here. I will coat the sculpture soon and maybe repaint it, the acrylics I used are a real dust-magnet.