Dinsdag 3 maart 2009

Cartoon dog Brer Rabbit Molly Disney Bugs Bunny Bob Clampett Woody Woodpecker Kiki ring-tailed lemur sketches
Some old post-it notes.

Cartoon eagle Three Caballeros Donald Duck Panchito José Joe Carioca
And a quick drawing I did for a friend!

4 opmerkingen:

Kelly Toon zei

tell me that someday we can arrange a trade or I will be very sad :(

Nico zei

My goodness, you draw some MIGHTY FINE Donalds and all Disney characters! you have great construction, poses and colors! You need to be the head of the Disney characters merchandising unit! You're much truer to the characters' looks compared to what's on Mickey and Friends merch and media nowadays!

HenriekeG zei

@ Kelly: Sure, sure! Jackalopes, right? I love drawing anything with big teeth! I wish I would have more time to do trades online, but maybe if I would be less online, I would...

@ Nico: Wow, thanks!! I'd love to, since looking at most of the merchandise in Disneyworld was quite a disappointment. I'm afraid they think my stuff is too off-model though, since they seem to want their characters without any life and with shiny shading.

Ricardo Cantoral zei

Long time viewer, first time caller. I saw your old Youtube viuds and you are such an AMAZING talent. I don't know what else to say. :)